tips for skin care

tips for skin care

Dragon Skin area is a kind of ballistic vest previously created by the now defunct company Pinnacle Shield, currently stated in Missoula, Montana by UNITED STATES Development Group LLC designed for open public, law-enforcement and military services customers. Its quality two-inch-wide round discs overlap like level armor, making a flexible vest which allows a good flexibility and is supposed to absorb a higher number of strikes weighed against other armed service body shield. The discs are comprised of silicon carbide ceramic matrices and laminates, similar to the much larger ceramic plates in other styles of bullet protected vests.
The armor happens to be available in a single basic security level: Dragon Epidermis Extreme (formerly SOV-2000), which until 2007 was authorized to adhere to the NIJ Standard-0101.06 as an even III repellent body armor.
Dragon Skin area has been worn by some civilian companies in Iraq, some special businesses makes in Iraq and Afghanistan, some SWAT groups, nine generals in Afghanistan, bodyguards tasked with safeguarding generals, and U.S. Top secret Service workers. The Central Cleverness Agency (CIA) in addition has purchased Dragon Skin area.

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