Skin care Pleasure or necessity

Skin care was always a very sensitive topic among women but more and more men are concerned about this delicate problem either. Even if you want to try new skin care tips or you just realized that your old methods don’t work anymore, here you have the solution. Bellow, we tried to summarize for you the best skin care tips that dermatologists are recommending for their patients, and how to use them if you want to get the best results.

  • 1) Avoid washing your face with very hot water
    Hot water showers are not always a good option because hot water tends to dry the skin. Use tepid water, especially for the face.
  • 2) Apply a moisturizer at least twice a day.
    You have a really dry skin and you don’t know the reason? No problem, it happens. Just make sure you apply a moisture creme whenever you feel that your skin is getting dry.
  • 3) Exfoliate
    The skin is always regenerating itself but in order to help it you must remove the dead skin cells by exfoliating. This way, you will always have a more fresh look.
  • 4) Don’t stress yourself too much
    This may sound like an odd advice but whenever you’re stressing or worrying, this feelings are reflecting at your skin. So make sure you take care of yourself whenever you have a rough day by drinking plenty of fluids and getting a proper rest.
  • 5) Facial massage always helps
    Facial acupressure is an ancient and very effective method. All you have to do is to put your fingers above your eyebrows, temples and nostrils in the same time and keep the pressure for 10 seconds. You will immediately feel your face relaxed.
  • 6) Consider any skin treatment a necessity
    Keep your beauty treatments near you and use them at any occasion. There is no perfect skin treatment though, and everything should be adapted to your type of skin. You can use an eye mask, serum, eyebrow gel and many others but everything should be adapted to your needs.
  • 7) Quality of the skin reflect in what you eat
    One of the most important skin care tips consists in a proper nutrition. Avoid as much as possible rice and white flour bread as they are very rich in carbs. Carbs are known for slowing the regeneration process of the skin. Instead, eat a lot of Omega 3 aliments, also called “the good fats”. Omega 3 can be found mostly on seafood (tuna, salmon).

A last important skin care tip is to always check your skin for any irregularity and to immediately go see a specialized doctor if you observe that anything is wrong.