basic skin care tips

For a rejuvenating skin, you need to take care of it. It will take a lot of hard work to have the skin texture that everyone will be envying. With this tips your dream will come true and your skin will not only look and feel great but will be healthy. Even the effects of aging can be decreased with the use of these skin care tips.

Do more than just regular cleaning

The skin should be cleaned on daily basis to keep it clean and avoid accumulation of sweat and dust. Use mild soap and lots of water for this. Avoid using hot water but rather use warm water. After cleaning, dry the skin by dabbing so some moisture is left on the skin to avoid its being too dry. For a smooth face cleanse, tone and moisturize the facial skin in the morning before applying makeup and at night after washing makeup off. Regularly exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin. Ensure that you are using products that are appropriate for your skin type.

Always ensure your skin is protected from the sun

The sun’s UV rays are known for resulting in dry skin, skin cancer and other effects. For this reason you need to make use of this skin care tips. You can either decide to remain indoors but when you need to go to outdoors where your skin will be in direct contact with the sun have protection. The most basis protection is sunscreen. The best sunscreen is one that has a sun protection factor greater than 30.

You can also avoid the sun when it is the hottest and has the highest amount of UV rays. Remain indoors from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. Also, cover the skin as much as possible when out I the sun. use long sleeved shirts and long pants and hats whenever possible.

Healthy eating

Healthy eating is one of the best skin care tips. In this regard:

· Take a lot of water to hydrate the skin

· Do not smoke

· Always eat a balanced diet